Across the United States, there are a handful of the best, most rewarding, and iconic hikes that our great National Parks offer. Angels Landing in Zion National Park is most certainly one of them. Rising from the Virgin River at the canyon floor, winding up the switchbacks of Walter’s Wiggles, and to the overlook of Scout Lookout; one is treated to wide vista of the rusty orange rocks of Zion and the canyon below. While this would be a rewarding hike on it’s own, from here you begin the narrow ridge line and chain section to Angel’s Landing. This section is very rewarding, but would not be recommended for children or those made uneasy by extreme heights. In the two times I have hiked this section, I have never worried about having enough grip or footing. Though it is plenty wide, it can get crowded at times. In total length, this hike is nearly nine miles round trip from the canyon floor to the top.