Most hikes that people write about on hiking blogs are about taking you to a extraordinary vista or landmark. While the Mist Trail in Yosemite brings you up close to Vernal and Nevada Falls, it’s real take away is in it’s namesake: the mist. Climbing out of Yosemite Valley, the trail takes a steep path along side the canyon walls hugging the the iconic twin waterfalls. The vapor from the waterfalls collects on the path, which is carved out of the granite rock. This can make portions of the trail a little slippery, so take caution through this part!

After about 1.2 miles, you arrive to the top of Vernal Falls. It is 2.7 miles all the way to the top of Nevada Falls. The Mist Trail is also the main route many hikers will take to the top of Half Dome and also shares the starting point of the legendary John Muir Trail.