Mount Pinos is a roughly 8,800 foot mountain near the town of Frazier Park, Ca. While it is the highest point in the San Emigdio range, it is a fairly low-profile peak with only a gradual climb from the trailhead’s parking lot.

The trail to the top goes along an old fire road, which makes it easy to follow. At around the first mile in, you will get to a fork in the trail that will take you to an overlook to the vacation cabin town of Pine Mountain Club. The golf course will be easy to spot.

Back on the main path, about another mile further will get you to another fork. One will take you up the to the official summit next to a radio antennae. This will give you views of the Central Valley to the north and on a clear day, views of the Sierra Nevada, Mojave Desert to the east, and even a small glimpse of the San Gabriel Mountains to the south east.

Continuing on the main path just a short distance is the condor observation area. Here you will find a monument sign describing the significance of the summit to Chumash people and the beginning of the Vincent Tumamait Trail. From here, there are views of the Topa Topa Mountains to the south and the mountains surrounding Santa Barbara to the west.

The Chumash monument at the topLooking west from the summitLooking from the summit over the Central Valley to the northLooking over Pine Mountain Club and the San Emgidio RangeThe path that leads to the overlook of Pine Mountain ClubA Western WallflowerTrees near the start of the trailThe meadow near the Nordic Base at the trailhead