Trying out something a little different with this post. In addition to writing about all of my favorite hikes, this will begin a series of favorite campgrounds.

Texas Spring campground sits right next to the Furnace Creek area of Death Valley. While the main Furnace Creek campground is a great option, Texas Spring works really well as an alternative in case it is all filled up or you are seeking a slightly more secluded site. Texas Spring sits a little up from the valley floor, so just a short walk in the morning or evening gives you great views of the sun crossing the horizon.

Two things to be aware of: it is first-come first-serve, so be aware of that before you head in. It is also a campsite with very little to no shade. Depending on what time of year you are there, it may not be a problem. This is probably the major difference from Furnace Creek, which has much more foliage to provide shade. However, if you are headed to Death Valley at a cooler time of the year, Texas Spring is an option I would certainly be considering again.